Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO and how long does it take to work?
SEO is the art of optimizing your site so search engines can read it, understand it, and determine that your business is legitimate and useful and has an edge over your competitors. This is a process and it involves alot of different things.

Our SEO Service normally begins to show results 5-6 months after the start of the service, but results can vary depending on many factors.
Is Pay Per Click Management better than SEO?
PPC Management and SEO are two very different services. PPC management is the management of your ad campaigns. We setup your ads, run them, optimize them, and you pay ad platforms to send clicks your way.

You pay PER click. Generally PPC campaigns return traffic to your site faster than SEO campaings but you tend to spend alot of money on visitors that will never convert to real customers. Just because the ad campaign got you a visitor does not mean it will result in a sale.

SEO tends to provide higher quality leads and the art of SEO validates that your site is useful and infomrational so it increases the chances of converting a visitor to a customer, however, SEO is a longer process.

A solid marketing campaign normally involves BOTH SEO and PPC Management
If SEO sometimes takes long to get results, how do I know I am getting what I paid for?
We provide reports on all of our work. From link building, to customer interactions, we send you detailed reports that show what we are doing and how.
How do I pay my bill?
Visit the customer portal at
Is there a minimum commitment for your services?
This really depends on the service. For example you do not see SEO results in one month, and SEO also involves alot of upfront work, like fixing your site, adding pages, installing code, etc. So for SEO services, we do require a MINUMUM of a 12 month commitment. Other services are month to month.
Do you work with my current marketing or development team?
Absolutely! We do a great job at working with your current marketing team. We communicate regularly and often.
What makes you different?
Experience! Our team has worked with multi-national customers in so many industries. We know what works!
Do I have to talk to sales to purchase services?
Some of our services you can purchase directly through our site. But others require speaking to our sales team, just to make sure you are getting the correct service and will see the results you expect!